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About us

Pure Body Works' focus is about one thing: 


Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you just want to relax and rejuvenate, are recovering from an injury, have chronic pain, are an athlete in training, want help detoxifying, want a beauty treatment or you are expecting a baby, result driven treatment options are available for you at Pure Body Works.

The products we use for all treatments are 100% natural and organic!

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(805) 822-2809

What People Say


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I have had the massage therapy services of Kiley for about 3 years. I have been receiving therapeutic massages for the past twenty years to alleviate sports injuries as well as other body area specific injuries. During my travels on business and for pleasure, I have received many massages using different techniques and modalities. In my opinion, Kiley provides a treatment that is far superior to any of my past experiences. Kiley has an intuitive touch in that she is able to work the body and find tense and knotted muscles without having to be verbally directed to the area. I require very deep tissue work and she has the strength and technique to consistently apply the correct pressure for an extended amount of time. All of her therapeutic massage experience coupled with an amazing intuitive gift and her very personable nature make her the ideal therapist.


Basketball Coach

I've been seeing Kiley regularly for over 2 years now and have enjoyed each and every massage. I've never had to tell her to use more/less pressure. It's always been perfect. She has fixed problems with my foot, hip, sciatica, and shoulder. We are currently doing pregnancy massage and my goodness is it heaven! I look forward to my next session and absolutely love her new location- so relaxing!


Property Manager

I've gotten a lot of different massages in Ventura, but once I found Kiley, I haven't seen anyone else. I've been going to her for massages for almost two years now and continue to return becau​se of her kindness, professionalism, knowledge of the body, and ability to find and work out all my kinks and problem areas. If you're just looking for a relaxing massage, she can do that, but I go for that kind of deep tissue massage that will work out knots in my neck, problems with my sciatica, or issues with my shoulder and wrists from too much time at a computer. Kiley's also given me tips on stretches and exercises to use between visits to help alleviate some of my issues.